When the design is done and its time to get physical, WTSi goes the extra mile to get it right the first time.   


WTSi believes in test-driven electronic product development. We start your project with qualification testing in mind.


"Internet-of-things" devices are getting smaller and their functionality is increasing daily. WTSi helps you capture your IOT market and keep it.


Your code needs to be robust and extensible. At WTSi, we help you plan for your future software development needs. 


High strength, rigid, fatique resistant, transparent, flexible, scratch resistant, low shrinkage, heat resistant, chemical resistant and more.


Anyone with a smartphone is your potential new customer.  Let WTSi design *your* device and smartphone app for the Internet-of-Things revolution!

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(IoT) growth out-paces PCs and Smartphones!

All the big guns are making their moves in IoT.  Apple introduces HealthKit and HomeKit.  Google purchases Nest for $3.2B! And...

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Launched a new Bluetooth Low Energy hardware and software project last week.

Our Southern California customer brings technology to the Health & Fitness world.  Imagine that.  Here we go with yet another kickstarter project.

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How many features can you get in a small, wearable device? 

Our Wisconsin customer is pushing the limit!    

Zigbee comms

USB comms

Audio/RC5 Infra-red comms

LiPoly power

graphic LCD


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We're designing and building an embedded silicon-nanowire characterization&test system while targeting a mobile point-of-care medical diagnostics product.

Our Sante Fe customer licensed bleeding-edge nanowire technology from Harvard. Literally.

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Getting your product connected to the cloud should be a priority as the the internet-of-things (IoT) is here to stay.   Remote tracking, inventory monitoring, device configuration, and other communications services are increasingly being added to the devices that surround us in our daily lives: residential water/electric meters, refrigerators, passports, voice-activated online-ordering devices, etc. The market is limited only by your imagination.   Let us show you how wireless connectivity can improve your bottom line.  

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From the WTSi "you've got an idea" dept...

We are taking our customer's idea from concept to production in China. Our customer insisted on having the electronics and plastics ready to order "in quantity" before he launched on kickstarter.

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WTSi leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE/BLE) portfolio.

All new smartphones (iPhone 4S and above, Androids, etc.) now have the latest bluetooth protocol enhancement: Blue Tooth *Low Energy*. This protocol supports battery-enabled devices that last years on a single coin cell battery. We are getting lots of requests for bluetooth from kickstarter startups.

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Endless possibilities!  Your link to the world around you is already in your hand.

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This battery-powered handheld solution adds an LCD for optional 'standalone' operation. 

What started as an obselescence/cost-reduction effort is ending up with many new features.

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WTSi uses Zigbee (with a diversity antenna) to provide a solution for harsh-environment M2M applications.

Our Kansas customer wanted a system for monitoring hydraulic pressure on mobile pallets that move in and out of metal (can you say multi-path?) envelopes and they wanted it fast.

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Got cables?  Go wireless and get rid of the headaches! 

Exposed and worn out cables and connectors? Safety issues? Reliability issues? Got a human in the loop?  Solve all of these issues at once with wireless connectivity and eliminate downtime. WTSi has solved many of these issues with our wireless designs.

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WTSi provides several solutions for a state-of-the art WirelessHD military training system.

Our Orlando customer is helping the Hawaiian National Guard upgrade a "total immersion" military training system based on SiBeam's WirelessHD technology.

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WTSi implements National Renewable Energy Lab's software on ACS motor controller.

This project supported a solar certification conducted by a TUV Rheinland team that flew into Sante Fe from Sweden for a one day test.  (Check them out here if you like).

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WTSi designs and builds a mobile cell phone jammer.

In response to the alarming number of vehicular accidents caused by distracted drivers, WTSi delivers a sophisticated custom RF design with many patent pending features to our Mississippi customer.

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Secure entry. Automated billing.  Asset tracking.

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