"Internet-of-things" devices are getting smaller and their functionality is increasing daily. WTSi helps you capture your IOT market and keep it.


High strength, rigid, fatique resistant, transparent, flexible, scratch resistant, low shrinkage, heat resistant, chemical resistant and more.


WTSi believes in test-driven electronic product development. We start your project with qualification testing in mind.


Your code needs to be robust and extensible. At WTSi, we help you plan for your future software development needs. 


When the design is done and its time to get physical, WTSi goes the extra mile to get it right the first time.   


Anyone with a smartphone is your potential new customer.  Let WTSi design *your* device and smartphone app for the Internet-of-Things revolution!

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Android Studio for Android development and Xcode for Apple phones.  Sounds simple, right?  Not exactly.  There is much more that goes into creating well-behaved apps and integrating them into an IoT system and WTSi has the experience and equipment necessary to go the last mile on your development.  We have custom gateways, sniffers and debuggers necessary to test the entire system in its full-up configuration - not just the smartphone app - which is only a small part of your IoT system.  

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This incredibly powerful lineup of source-code packages makes for a very power server-side solution.  WTSi has used some variant of this code on almost all of our recent internet-of-things projects.  When configured with local or internet (Amazon AWS, GoDaddy, etc.) server, a true internet-of-things system comes to life;  data can be collected/processed, new device configurations can be remotely uploaded, etc. 

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WTSi develops human/machine interface (HMI) software with Microsoft Visual.NET Professional,  JSON plugins, Qt, and a host of other development packages and tools.  We often develop a host application for the customer (or end user) to communicate with an embedded device. This communication is typically over USB cable, ethernet, WiFi, or a separate COTS wireless device connected to a USB port.   Test applications typically precede the host application and provide a much more detailed picture of of the system data.  A test application will typically provide a means of saving data per test session.    

Microsoft's Visual Studio Professional is a superior product allowing development with Basic, C#, and C++ with additional language support for web development, TCP/IP interconnect, and database support. If the embedded device is required to support development outside of WTSi, we will provide a CD with code and documentation for a software development kit (SDK). WTSi will also create an app to emulate your device should you want to test performance of the embedded code before hardware is available.   

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