WTSi believes in test-driven electronic product development. We start your project with qualification testing in mind.


"Internet-of-things" devices are getting smaller and their functionality is increasing daily. WTSi helps you capture your IOT market and keep it.


When the design is done and its time to get physical, WTSi goes the extra mile to get it right the first time.   


High strength, rigid, fatique resistant, transparent, flexible, scratch resistant, low shrinkage, heat resistant, chemical resistant and more.


Anyone with a smartphone is your potential new customer.  Let WTSi design *your* device and smartphone app for the Internet-of-Things revolution!


Your code needs to be robust and extensible. At WTSi, we help you plan for your future software development needs. 

For every electronic product development project there is a certain amount of technical and administrative project management that is required.  WTSi makes every attempt to keep this effort to a minimum while still achieving your electronic product development goals.  Our use of online collaborative tools for requirements tracking and test tracking help to maximize our customer's visibility into the electronic product development process.



At WTSi, your project tasks will be managed by skilled engineering professionals with over 25 years of experience.  We will help you manage every phase of the electronic product development - from capturing your requirements to migrating your product to manufacturing to packaging and shipping your product.  WTSi will engage you in discussions every step of the way to make sure your schedule and budget requirements are being addressed as well as your technical requirements.

Our project management expertise includes:

  • online collaborative tools for tracking requirements and test issues
  • Microsoft Project schedule development  
  • continued risk assessment throughout the project
  • milestone tracking for critical tasks 
  • deliverables tracking
  • status reporting
  • requirements tracking and test evaluation

WTSi understands and appreciates the value of sound project management in keeping your project on schedule.



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