WTSi is an electronic product development firm located in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Our customers are in California, Texas, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Virginia, Kansas, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Florida to name but a few.

We do what the others do for a fraction of the cost.

What we do

For over twenty-five years, we have been designing, building, testing, and deploying custom electronics and software solutions worldwide.

Low-Power Custom Electronics

Our solutions include devices for many consumer and industrial markets:  health & fitness, biomedical devices, security, manufacturing and more.

Wireless Devices

We can design your device for wireless connectivity - be it bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, LoRa, or a host of other options.

Mobile & Wearable Devices

WTSi will design your product with sophisticted power-management for extended battery life and high reliability.

Plastic Enclosures

We design plastics enclosures that are not only aesthetically-pleasing but ergonomically correct for your consumer or industrial application.

Smartphone & Cloud-Based Apps

Our custom smartphone and cloud-based client/server apps provide for real-time data storage, retrieval, and display for your product.

Turnkey Services

Per your requirements, WTSi will provide the design, prototyping, and high-volume production of your product - including the packaging design and shipping.

Recent Developments

WTSi provides solutions for several markets: Health&Fitness, Industrial, Medical/BioTechology, Security, and many more. Below are a few of our more recent products. Please visit our portfolio page for more.

IOT - Health Monitoring EcoSystem

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Cloud-Server, OffShore-Manufacturing, Offshore-Development-Support, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

Wireless Bicycle Safety System

Wireless, OffShore-Manufacturing, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Ruggedized, Wearables

Wireless Security System

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Offshore-Development-Support, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

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