IOT - Worldwide Health Monitoring EcoSystem

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Cloud-Server, OffShore-Manufacturing, Offshore-Development-Support, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

Wireless Bicycle Safety System

Wireless, OffShore-Manufacturing, Turnkey, Enclosure-Design, Ruggedized, Wearables

Wireless Security System

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Offshore-Development-Support, Enclosure-Design, Wearables

New! Mobile Smart Power

Wireless, Turnkey, Ruggedized

New! Mobile LoRaWAN Gateway

Wireless, Enclosure-Design, Ruggedized

Wireless Industrial Pressure Monitor

Wireless, Research and Development, Ruggedized

Mobile Medical Test Platform

Research and Development

Mobile Cell Phone Detection and Jamming

Wireless, Research and Development

NEW! Health and Fitness Device and App

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Enclosure-Design

NEW! Contact-less Body Temperature Screening

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Cloud-Server

Embedded Control and Interface Boards

Research and Development, Wearables

Zigbee/BTLE Gateway

Mobile Apps, Wireless

IoT - Bluetooth Upgrades & App

Mobile Apps, Wireless, Enclosure-Design, Wireless-Upgrades

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