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Desktop Apps


workstation/server applications

WTSi develops human/machine interface (HMI) software with Microsoft Visual.NET Professional,  JSON plugins, Qt, and a host of other development packages and tools.  We often develop a host application for the customer (or end user) to communicate with an embedded device. This communication is typically over USB cable, ethernet, WiFi, or a separate COTS wireless device connected to a USB port.   Test applications typically precede the host application and provide a much more detailed picture of of the system data.  A test application will typically provide a means of saving data per test session.    

Microsoft's Visual Studio Professional is a superior product allowing development with Basic, C#, and C++ with additional language support for web development, TCP/IP interconnect, and database support. If the embedded device is required to support development outside of WTSi, we will provide a CD with code and documentation for a software development kit (SDK). WTSi will also create an app to emulate your device should you want to test performance of the embedded code before hardware is available.