When the design is done and its time to get physical, WTSi goes the extra mile to get it right the first time.   


"Internet-of-things" devices are getting smaller and their functionality is increasing daily. WTSi helps you capture your IOT market and keep it.


WTSi believes in test-driven electronic product development. We start your project with qualification testing in mind.


Your code needs to be robust and extensible. At WTSi, we help you plan for your future software development needs. 


Anyone with a smartphone is your potential new customer.  Let WTSi design *your* device and smartphone app for the Internet-of-Things revolution!


High strength, rigid, fatique resistant, transparent, flexible, scratch resistant, low shrinkage, heat resistant, chemical resistant and more.

WTSi maintains relationships with several highly qualified third-party vendors and service providers who help us provide our turnkey solutions. Various efforts require third-party vendors due to their one-off nature (e.g. FCC certifications), environmental concerns (e.g. PCB fabrication), or simple labor-cost reduction (e.g. offshore manufacturing). Your product deserves the most cost-effective solution and this often requires our assistance when transitioning from our in-house development to certification houses, offsite/offshore manufacturing facilities, and other third-party vendors. WTSi supports you as required with services ranging from providing the necessary documentation for certifications to factory test solutions including custom test fixtures, test software and offsite training.






At WTSi, we are dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your electronic product development solution from concept to full-functioning prototypes.  Additionally, we will also help you identify your vendors (and manage their efforts) in your transition from electronic product prototypes into high-volume production.  WTSi can also help you migrate from any existing vendors to new vendors.  Additionally, WTSi is prepared to deliver turnkey solutions on a customer-by-customer basis.; rather than simply helping you identify and manage your manufacturing vendors,  WTSi can also provide a quote to independently manage all the third-party vendors for a turnkey solution - from acquiring components to shipping your finished product.  Manufacturing efforts include:

  • fabrication of injection molds,
  • injection molding,
  • PCB fabrication,
  • circuit card assembly and test,
  • box or product assembly,
  • pre-packaging product test,
  • packaging, and
  • shipping.



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